With melodies and lyrics bubbling out of her life and times, English singer songwriter Becky Green has a story to tell and a heart to share.


Born into a creative family in Brighton she was introduced to music at an early age and quickly became an accomplished pianist and musician. She moved to the Georgian city of Bath to study music, and it was here that her song writing took off. She recorded and released her debut album All About Everything in 2008, and The Searching in 2011 whilst raising a young family. In 2015 Becky collaborated with producer Jack Kircher and artist Pete Coggan, to produce 'Years' by Heir. They created a moving instrumental collaboration exploring cinematic textures and interweaved stories of Home. These tracks have been licensed for a number of short films. 2017 saw Becky recording her third studio album Golden Rising at Real World Studios, with producer David Evans, executive producer Peter Coggan and her band. In this latest release, Becky combines threads of instrumental narrative and songs of honesty and depth. The first single Replay will be released on Feb 23rd 2018